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Roja Blue Film Videos

This is the worst phase of political scenario that has been seeing the wrath of millions of Telugu population. Roja-Sobha Rani fight has shown the worst of all verbal fights in this season. A video was uploaded in youtube stating to be the nude portrayal of Roja in one of Malayalam films. The content is absolutely adult oriented as per the viewers and it is yet to be confirmed if it is real or morphed or something that of a look alike. A few months ago Roja worried that someone has sent a nude video alleging to be hers to TDP office but the party supremo discarded it knowing the truth. Just a few weeks after Roja-Sobha Rani strife this video was uploaded. That has to be underlined with political understanding, may be!!! We know the link of that youtube video but we are not giving that here due to highly pornographic-content in it.

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